Cheap Hostels And Bed & Breakfast In Berlin

Hostels in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most popular European cities for short vacations and visits. Tourists from all over the world come to Berlin to see its sights and enjoy its unique atmosphere. But where should you stay if you want to easily be able to reach all the sights and the nightlife, but don’t want to pay too much?

Accommodations in Berlin range from the international luxury hotels to notable art and design hotels to everyone’s favorite B&BS, apartments or inexpensive hostels. There are over 550 places to rest one’s head in Berlin. Berlin has an over abundance of accommodations due to a building boom which occurred at the end of the Cold War. Due to this abundance of rooms available for rent prices are much lower at all star levels. Every traveler should decide what district they would like to stay near. There are six districts in Berlin, each with its own character. One of the most convenient places to stay would be to find an accommodation the Berlin-Mitte district. Stay in this district would allow you to have the most access to the main sights.


There are a large number of hotels located in the City West area. These accommodations tend to be the older hotels. All major hotel chains are available in Berlin. Since one will be walking to most sights in Berlin or using public transportation it is a good idea to check that the hotel where you would like to stay is near the U-Bahn or S-Bahn (public transport). For the least expensive accommodation one would look toward the youth hostels. These tend to be where backpackers stay. One can stay here for a very good price as long as you don’t mind sharing your space. It’s a great way to meet others traveling through Germany.

Berlin hostels offer decent, secure, clean accommodations for those traveling on a limited budget – and much more. Staying at a Berlin hostel gives you an opportunity to meet new, interesting people and make new friends in a way that traditional formal hotels cannot offer.

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Actually, there are several types of hostels in Berlin from which to choose, some of which do offer semi-private accommodations, although you’ll wind up sharing bath and toilet facilities in most Berlin hostels. This is one reason that the cost of such accommodations is such a bargain. Berlin hostels also have kitchen facilities where you can prepare your own meals; this too is a communal facility.

Another factor in the cost of Berlin hostels is the location. You’ll probably pay more for a facility that is close to the city center and its museums, galleries and historical sites. However, like most western European cities, Berlin has excellent public transportation facilities, so if you want to save even more, choose one of the berlin hostels located farther out – you’ll still have little problem taking in all this historic European capital has to offer.

Traditional hotels and bed and breakfasts offer more in the way of privacy to be sure, but you’ll find a much more “laid-back” and informal environment at a hostel. Berlin visitors at such facilities live at closer quarters, often in a dormitory (don’t worry about getting “ripped off;” Berlin hostels provide lockers for dormitory guests). Virtually every Berlin hostel also offers “common rooms” as well as group activities, giving travelers yet more opportunities to socialize and get better acquainted.

Staying at a Berlin Bed and Breakfast is a quaint alternative. Numerous B&B’s are available in all districts. These tend to be smaller accommodations which are nice for those times one wants to escape the noise of the city.

Berlin like any city has areas where one should be aware of their surroundings. It’s best to always know where you are going. Berlin overall is a very safe city and a wonderful place to visit!